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Malaysia's No. 1 Liquid Clay Soap

Introducing the unrivaled number one liquid clay soap in Malaysia, a product that combines the unique cleansing properties of clay with the gentleness of liquid soap to create a luxurious and effective skincare experience. Our liquid clay soap is expertly formulated to cleanse, revitalize and nourish the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant. Our exceptional product is made with high-quality, natural ingredients, carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety, ensuring that your skin receives only the best treatment. From its heavenly scent to its silky texture, our liquid clay soap is a pure indulgence that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every use. Our soap can also be used a "Sabun Sertu/Samak" and also works well for those having ecszema. Experience the greatness of Malaysian skincare with our No. 1 liquid clay soap, your skin will thank you for it.

Sertu Ready

Our Clay Soap can be used for Islamic Sertu Cleaning process

Environment friendly

our follows UN Sustainaible Development Goals

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Original Liquid Clay Soap

Our liquid clay soap is made with natural and herbal ingredients that provide holistic care for your skin. It's perfect for those who are looking for a natural alternative to traditional soap.

50ml Clay Paste

We’ve created our unique line of clay paste, designed specifically for travel.  They’re compact and easy to carry, making them the perfect addition to any travel kit. No matter where you go, Tahra Clay is the perfect way to stay clean and refreshed.

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Lavender Liquid Clay

Travel Paste

Original Liquid Clay

bottles sold all over the world

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. After using the Tahra Clay Soap, I can confidently say that it delivers on both of these fronts. The soap left my skin feeling clean, moisturized and soft to the touch. The unique blend of clay infused into the soap provided a soothing effect, which I found to be incredibly calming and relaxing - particularly after a long day. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a soap that does more than just clean. Thank you for creating such a great product!
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Siti Aishah

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Tahra clay travel paste is a natural soap made from clay for cleaning purposes making it safe for everyday use. It's small and easy to take on-the-go, perfect for travel. Users report noticeable results and a refreshing experience. The eco-friendly packaging makes it a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint..
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Nur AIn

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