1 box of 24 Habada Tahra 50ml Clay Soap Paste


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Ideal for people who is looking to start a new business

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Step into the world of skincare business with our exclusive bulk offer – 24 tubes of Tahra Liquid Clay Soap Paste in convenient 50ml sizes, perfectly tailored for on-the-go use.

This package is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs starting a new venture or expanding their product line, offering a sought-after skincare solution in travel-friendly sizes.

Our Tahra Liquid Clay Soap Paste embodies premium quality, combining natural ingredients and the potent benefits of clay in a compact, portable tube. Crafted for the modern traveler, this 50ml clay paste is designed to cleanse, refresh, and revitalize the skin with ease.

Tailored for those seeking to establish a niche in the travel and convenience sector, these 24 tubes promise the ultimate cleansing experience. The innovative Sertu Ready function ensures quick and efficient use, making it an ideal addition to your travel, hospitality, or beauty business.

Start your business on the right foot with our Tahra Liquid Clay Soap Paste – a product that embodies luxury, practicality, and quality in every squeeze. Bring the essence of premium skincare to your customers’ fingertips, offering a compact and effective solution for their on-the-go cleansing needs.



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